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Sam Dunham

If there's a comic to be read or a bad movie to be viewed, Sam Dunham can be found close by. Sam is also the producer of the Nerd Overload Podcast and webmaster for NerdOverload.Com.


Cody Pinnick

Cody is the resident video game guy here at Nerd Overload-- if he's not playing a game he's making one or writing about them. Maybe all at once.


Samantha Cross

Samantha does the video games and the movies, but mostly the knitting. If you hear the clicking of knitting needles in the background of the podcast, that's her.


Josh Harrison

Josh Harrison has been known by many names - Midgetor, Grimm Gemchild, Frodo - but mostly he is Nerd Overload's resident tabletop master and elite level LARPer. Yes, his beard is mightier than yours, and yes, there are possibly pizza crumbs in it.