Nerd DIY! – PVC Horsebow for LARPing!


I enjoy few things more than shooting people on a budget. PVC opens up a whole new world of creativity. It can be turned into quite a few things without sacrificing function or aesthetics. The most it will cost is maybe an upturned nose from people “seriously” into archery, and about $5.

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Weekly Craft Geekery: 3/21/14

supes2Hey there! The Craft Geekery is back again with more geeky goodness from Etsy.  I’ve found some cute jewelry that Sailor Moon fans will appreciate, great fingerless gloves, and some other stuff you have to see! Let’s go!

elsaFirst off, we have this plush Elsa from the Disney film, Frozen. It is so freaking cute.  She even has little sequins. Gah!  She did a really good job on the braid too. It overall is just practically perfect. You can find this plushie and a ton of other equally adorable ones at the Etsy store, Angry Lady Studios.

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Ranger Restoration, Part 1 – Tyrannosaurus Dinozord


Over the years, I have slowly transitioned from someone who constantly plays with action figures to some one who… well, prominently displays action figures and constantly contemplates playing with them. Sitting here in my office I can easily reach out and grab:

  • A LEGO version of Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing from Star Wars (the original version with the “yellow” figurine)
  • Jay and Silent Bob action figures, shaking hands and sharing smokes with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock toys
  • Just about every Green Lantern fig available, from Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, to Medphyll and Alfred E.Neumann

The list could go on, but you get the idea. One subset of my geekery that is surprising absent from display is Power Rangers, and if there’s one thing people react frequent this site would know about me, it’s that I really like Power Rangers. So I’ve decided to rectify this, and with the help of some excellent reproduction decals and a little elbow grease, I’ll have my original Ranger Megazord toys display-ready in no time, starting with the original Red Ranger’s Tyrannosaurus Dinozord!

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Nerdy Craft Time Spotlight: Cool Knitted Cube

marvel1 Check out this awesome craft I found on Ravelry! Sometimes it is hard to decide what awesome movie or TV show to watch.  With this knitting craft, deciding what to watch just got easier! It also doubles as an awesome baby/toddler toy!


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Weekly Craft Geekery: 11/18/13


Hey there! We’re back again to Weekly Craft Geekery with another collection of crafts and stuff found on Etsy. I found some sweet jewelry, accessories for your portable gaming device, an awesome wallet, and more! Let’s just jump right on into the geeky awesomeness!


OK. It’s no secret that I have a fondness for really cool aprons. I can’t help it. I love ’em.  Look at this sweet Tardis apron. It is beautiful. look at the slight ruffles on the bottom. So cute! You can get this apron and other fantastic ones at the Etsy store jordandene.

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Weekly Craft Geekery: 10/4/13


Hey there, Ghouls and Ghosts! October just started, so you know what that means. Halloween! It is probably my most favorite time of year. Everything is pumpkin spiced, scary movies, costumes, and every spooky thing around this time.

I  found some great stuff on Etsy, including some things that might be better suited for cosplay, warm looking hats, and of course, some awesome jewelry.

First off though, is this really cool green bat hat with veil. Pair it with any monster costume to make it a zillion times fancier.  Or you could just wear it with normal clothes for a touch of witchiness. You can find it and other beautiful fancy hats at the Etsy shop NBBwear.


Check out the rest after the jump!

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Weekly Craft Geekery: 1/24/13







Hey There! Welcome back to the Geekery. My day job has slowed down since Christmas is over, so I should have time to do this stuff again! Aren’t you excited? I know I am! I found some really nifty stuff including some really cool Science and Grammar art prints,  jewelery that might have your favorite real and fictional pop culture icons in silhouette form, and also wooden Adventure Time clocks that you have to see.


You’ll know when it’s Adventure Time with these awesome clocks. These are seriously pretty and look well made. They are made from wood, which is something I haven’t seen too much of My favorites are Lumpy Space Princess and Ice King. They aren’t just limited to Adventure Time. There are some Doctor Who ones and some super heroes as well.  All of these can be found in the Etsy store, alantronics!

Check out the rest of this lumping stuff after the jump!

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