Hooray! Cartoon Network Announced Multiple STEVEN UNIVERSE Toylines


If you’re a fan of the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, then you know it is surprisingly difficult to find merchandise based on the show – but thankfully, it doesn’t look like that will be the case for much longer.

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AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON The Vision Figue From Hot Toys Is Totally Worthy


You guys, Hot Toys is pretty great. The toy manufacturer has created some outstanding work, from Adam West’s Batman, to the cinematic version of Loki, and much, much more. And now, The Vision, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first fully-functioning android, keeper of the Mind Gem, and the only other Avenger worthy of wielding Thor’s hammer (spoiler!), is the next character on the chopping block to be made into a super-detailed action figure!

Hit the jump to check out this amazing fig!

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LEGO’S New “Death Star Final Duel” Set To Include Film-Accurate Darth Vader Helmet


Here’s a hypothetical question… say you love Star Wars. Not much of a stretch, right? Now say that you want to depict one of the biggest moments from the original trilogy, the moment when Darth Vader fought back his own inner darkness long enough to save his son from certain death.

Now you can… in LEGO form.

The company’s newest set, titled “Death Star Final Duel,” has everything you need to recreate the penultimate battle between good and evil before the destruction of the Death Star, including a new movie-accurate two-piece Darth Vader helmet!

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Huh? Could An Official GOLDEN GIRLS LEGO Set Soon Be A Reality?


Ever wanted to add Sophia, Blanche, Dorothy and Rose to your LEGO box?

A highly detailed The Golden Girls Lego set, created by creator Sam Hatmaker, which includes a recreation of the foursome’s regular late-night kitchen chats as well as classic scenes from the series that ran from 1985 thru 1992, is a mere 10,000 votes away from becoming a reality.

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Check It Out! Samurai Darth Vader & Stormtrooper Figures From SH Figuarts


Oh Japan, why do you constantly make things I didn’t know I wanted, but now can’t understand how I’ve lived without. Toy company SH Figuarts, the makers of some of the finest toys I have ever seen, has done it again with their Movie Realization line of iconic Star Wars baddies, namely classic samurai-style versions of the Stormtroopers, as well as the main man himself, Darth Vader.

If you’re any kind of a Star Wars fan, take the jump to scope out these figs, you won’t be disappointed!

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#SDCC14: LEGO Minifig Wave 14 REVEALED!


Not to be left out of the San Diego Comic-Con festivities, LEGO revealed the next wave of their super popular blind-bag collectible Minifig sets!

Take the jump to check them out!

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LEGO Debuts New GREEN LANTERN Set, Con Exclusive ’66 Set & Batman of Zur-En-Arrh


San Diego Comic-Con is on its way, and LEGO has unveiled the first round of toy announcements to the general public, including a brand-new Green Lantern-themed set, as well as two neat Batman collectibles, just in time for DC Comics’ self-proclaimed Batman Day.

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