Hey, You Should Play This: Maverick Bird

mavbirdYeah, so Flappy Bird sure was a thing. I really hadn’t seen an app take hold of everyone so hard since, like, Draw Something. It’s too bad poor Flappy is gone now, removed by his creator because he was afraid people were becoming addicted to it. Well, if you can’t download Flappy Bird (and if you don’t want to play this version was a pooping butt that I made (sorry)) then what can you play? Well, let me suggest Terry Cavanagh’s Flappy Bird “fan game” Maverick Bird!

That’s right, the guy behind both Super Hexagon (the original super hard addictive mobile game) and VVVVVV made his very own game inspired by our dear departed flapping feathered friend. Maverick Bird is like Flappy Bird in a rave, it’s faster, brighter, full of flashing lights, and has dubstep. The art is super minimalist (in a cool way, not a lazy way), with the backdrops and obstacles having a very Super Hexagon look, and they pulse and gyrate to the music, which is a very cool effect.

mavbird2Also, not only can Maverick Bird flap, it can also dive, giving you two different moves to help you avoid the coming gantlet. It’s a cool evolution of the Flappy Bird formula, and just oozes with style. Unlike FB too, it even changes colors as you go further and further. It’s still pretty crazy hard though. It’s a great time killer, and I’d totally toss $0.99 Cavanagh’s way for a mobile version.

Play Maverick Bird here!

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