Hey, You Should Play This: Super Smash Bros. Crusade


It’s two days until the release of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. For 3DS and we all know it’s going to feel like a million gajillion days. What are we going to do over these long 48 hours until the latest Smash is in our grubby 3DS holding hands? Well, you could give the completely fan made Super Smash Bros. Crusade. a shot. It’s got Mega Man, Pac-Man, Little Mac, and even more!

We see the occasional Smash Bros. fan game, but most of them lack the polish or our missing something that the real deal holds. Crusade, though, comes pretty darn close, and has a ton of characters that you know would never show up in the real thing. I mean, Crash Bandicoot is all up in this thing! There’s also a couple of fun Nintendo additions that I’m sure the Big N themselves wouldn’t bother to put in the game, but the folks behind Crusade did– here we’ve got cool obscure dudes like Mach Rider or Sega classic star shaped grabby-man Ristar. I mean, look at all these guys (click to enlarge, yo)!


It’s by no means perfect, the controls are unwieldy and as far as I could tell there is no gamepad support, but it’s by no means unplayable. There’s also a distinct lack of items (not that a lot of losers “hardcore competitive” players would care) and questionable art (Phoenix Wright what happened to you?!) but in the end it’s a pretty impressive product put together by a group of people who clearly have a whole lot of love for all things Smash.

Get Super Smash Bros. Crusade here!

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