The History of Nerd Overload

Years ago before the dawn of man, in a wet subterranian cave, three elder gods who defy all description met around a faintly glowing obsidian spire. “In the future, there will be a human invention called the internet.” said one being through his many tooth-ed mouths, “and on it I would like there to be a page where I can read features, reviews, and cool stuff about comics, movies, video games, and all kinds of nerdy things of that nature.”
“So it shall be,” said the other creature, telepathically, through his exposed and throbbing brain, “It shall be called Pizza Xtreme Team and it shall come to be on December 5th in the year of two thousand and eleven.” The obsidian spire rocked, and glowed a bright red light. It was to be.

Or at least something along those lines occurred. Pizza Xtreme Team was then ran for two years by it’s founding members (Sam, Cody, and Samantha, unknowingly doing the bidding of the three subterranian kings), when it suddenly dawned on them that “Pizza Xtreme Team” was a really dumb name that probably no one would ever take seriously.
So Nerd Overload was born. Enjoy!

(story may only be partially true)