MST3K star Trace Beaulieu in new puppet web series, VERMIN!


Trace Beaulieu (Doctor Forrester and the original Crow T. Robot of MST3K) in cooperation with The Puppet Forge (creators of the award-winning puppet web series Transylvania Television) announce a new comedy web series titled VERMIN.

VERMIN features MST3K alumnus Trace Beaulieu portraying Dr. Sam Lodgepole, the harried and confused lead scientist at Placeholder Labs. He is aided by a group of rats (puppet characters provided by The Puppet Forge) who work their day-jobs as test subjects. When intellect test subject Ralph Raight (pronounced “Rat”) gets his IQ boosted, he is summarily promoted to “middle management” but soon starts noticing things about the laboratory that no one else does.

What is the secret of the door marked “There is no door here”? How did a Sasquatch get into the break room? And why does everybody keep offering him bagels? It’s almost more than an artificially intelligent rodent can take! All seven scripts of Web-Season One are complete and Gordon Smuder, owner of The Puppet Forge is running a KICKSTARTER campaign to fund production at

The KICKSTARTER ends soon…April 22 (Earth Day). “This is the same creative team behind Translyvania Television”, said Beaulieu. “In the back of my head I was thinking how much fun it would be to work with these folks. They seemed to have tapped into a very crazy, fun, funhouse form of TV making that reminded me of the days of MST3K.”

“Our working relationship with Trace began on his HALLOWEEN music video ‘Doin’ The Frank'”, reports Smuder, “He was impressed by Transylvania Television and asked us to perform our puppets in his video.” “When we approached him about VERMIN, he was immediately on-board!”

Rewards for the KICKSTARTER include autographed photos of Trace Beaulieu, lunch on- set with the cast and crew, Placeholder Laboratories lab coats, and even custom rat puppets exactly like the ones used in the show.

About Trace Beaulieu

Trace Beaulieu portrayed Dr. Clayton Forrester and was the voice and motivation behind (beneath?) the original Crow T. Robot on Mystery Science Theatre 3000. He also appeared as the biology teacher Mr. Lacovara in the hilarious sitcom “Freaks and Geeks”. From 2007 to 2013, Trace reunited with several of his MST3K co-stars to “riff” more movies for Cinematic Titanic. He is currently providing the voice of another robot character named ART on the new Yahoo comedy series “Other Space”.

About Gordon Smuder

Gordon Smuder established The Puppet Forge in 2000, providing puppet building and performance part-time for film, video and web. Along with a talented cast and crew, he produced the award-winning web series and cable TV sitcom Transylvania Television (TVTV). After retiring from a 25 year career in Special Effects, Gordon picked up puppetry full-time and is now spearheading a new web series, starring Trace Beaulieu, titled VERMIN.



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