Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon is Back!


We all have something very awesome to be thankful for this year! That’s right, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 tradition, Turkey Day is back!

Do you have fond memories of stuffing yourself with delicious foods, then sitting around with loved ones making fun of bad movies? Get ready to relive those fun times cause it’s coming back!

It is a web-only Marathon streamed at It starts at noon Eastern on Thanksgiving day.  There will be six classic episodes hand picked from Joel. The best part about it, though? Joel will be hosting the event, and there will be new skits and riffs! How cool is that!?

Also Joel is taking suggestions for episodes and your favorite Turkey Day memories on his twitter @JoelGHodgson. During the stream, you can tweet with the hashtag #mst3k to connect with other fans! I am now actually looking forward to Thanksgiving!

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