Nerd Overload Podcast 171 – I THINK DINOSAURS SHOULD VOTE!!

On this week’s episode of the Nerd Overload Podcast, our hosts ramble about the Detective Pikachu movie, Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek, Marvel Rising, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Mega Man 11, as well as highlights from this year’s Video Game Awards, including Bayonetta 3, Soul Calibur VI, the impossibly confusing Death Stranding AND MORE!

The song this week is ‘2600‘ by Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick of The Long Winters.

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About the Author
Sam likes comic books. A lot. When he's not discussing the merits of this week's comics or taking in some scifi B-movies from the 1950s, he's hard at work maintaining the Nerd Overload website. If you like sporadic rambling, follow Sam on Twitter.

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