Pokémon X and Y’s Exclusive Pokémon!


You, like the rest of the cool people in this world will be buying either Pokémon X or Y tomorrow.  Of course, as the traditions of our forefathers, handed down on stone tablets have foretold, each game has a handful of Pokémon you can’t get in the other.  But what ones are they? Nintendo hasn’t said, and going in blind would be like making some sort of crazy uninformed purchase!  Well we, (via tinycartridge’s twitter account) have your back on this one! Hit the jump if you want to see what pocket monsters will be available to you in each version! (or don’t if you don’t want SPOILERS!) Remember though, you know you’re going to have to trade to get all the exclusive pokemon in x and y!

I7oJmidThis is what’s known, as of 10/11/2013– there could be more not yet discovered!

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