RUMOR: Casting Call Leaks Online for ‘Power Rangers Dino Charge’


As this season’s Power Ranger Super Megaforce marches on (to varying degrees of success, depending on who you ask) Nickelodeon and Saban have been slowly gearing up for the next season, titled Power Rangers Dino Charge (an adaptation of the Japanese series Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, skipping over the series Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters). Now, it looks like a casting call for Dino Charge has hit the web, which may shed some light on the new series.

Here are screencaps of the casting call, found by a member of the Rangerboard online community. Again, I can’t stress enough that these should be counted as speculation:

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If these casting calls are legit, there are a few interesting tidbits we can glean from it. First off, it looks like former producer Judd Lynn is back into the Power rangers fold. Lynn, a fan favorite, served as producer on the In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, and RPM seasons of the show, and will be replacing current producer Jonathan Tzachor.

Second, it looks like Saban might be selecting a new place to film. This is a pretty big change, as filming had been done in New Zealand since the Ninja Storm season.

Finally, there are a few ranger colors that are notably absent form this casting call, namely the main Blue (the Blue listed is more than likely going to be the Cyan Ranger, which is totally a thing), Silver, an ancillary Ranger, as well as a male Violet Ranger. This leads to speculation that these roles have either already been cast, or are set for the return of former Rangers. Could Jason David Frank be back for a Dino three-peat? Only time will tell.

Via Henshin Justice Unlimited

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