RUMOR: Will JK Simmons Return As J Jonah Jameson In A New SPIDER-MAN Film?


It’s no secret that for better or worse, I’ve been a fan of the recent Spider-Man reboot films. The one thing the reboots have been missing, however (to no one’s fault, the stories just haven’t gotten there yet), is the Daily Bugle, and with it the cartoonishly outlandish Stan Lee analog J Jonah Jameson. But now, a new bit of news has popped up that may change this fact, and it came from a man who is already very familiar with the character. Could my wildest hopes come true? Could a new Spider-Man movie see JK Simmons return as J Jonah Jameson?

In a new interview on The Howard Stern Show, Simmons was asked about a possible return in a future Spider-Man movie. He admitted that he would “absolutely” return to the role. And when asked what the chances were? “I just heard that we … that’s a possibility.”

That’s certainly not a “no.”

Now, I could go into the myriad of reasons why this is excellent news. I could telly you about how Simmons is an excellent actor, and his portrayal of JJJ was an absolute highlight in all three of the Raimi Spider-Man films. I could even go into how he wouldn’t have to tone down his act even the slightest to match the snarkiness of Andrew Garfield’s quip-heavy version of the Web Head.

I could do that… but I’m not.

Instead, I’m going to post a single image that accurately and completely sums up my initial reaction upon hearing this news early this morning:


Yeah, that’s about right.

Via Digital Spy

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