Sonic BOOM! New Street Fighter Action Figures from Capo Toys [Toy Fair 2014]


Relative toy newcomer Capo Toys really hit the ground running at this year’s Toy Fair 2014 with their preview of prototype figs based on the popular Capcom fighting game Street Fighter! Series 1 will feature game staples such as Ryu, Sagat, Blanka, Chun Li, and Guile.

The folks over at Toy Ark got probably the best pics of the action figures, so if you don’t mind a little watermark action, take the jump and check them out!

Toy-Fair-2014-Capo-Toys-Street-Fighter-001 Toy-Fair-2014-Capo-Toys-Street-Fighter-005 Toy-Fair-2014-Capo-Toys-Street-Fighter-011 Toy-Fair-2014-Capo-Toys-Street-Fighter-016 Toy-Fair-2014-Capo-Toys-Street-Fighter-019 Toy-Fair-2014-Capo-Toys-Street-Fighter-021 Toy-Fair-2014-Capo-Toys-Street-Fighter-029 Toy-Fair-2014-Capo-Toys-Street-Fighter-032 Toy-Fair-2014-Capo-Toys-Street-Fighter-035 Toy-Fair-2014-Capo-Toys-Street-Fighter-039

The Street Fighter action figures will be available sometime this Fall and will run you about $20 – 25.

Via Toy Ark

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