Super Mario Happy Meal Toys Coming Soon to UK McDonalds


It’s no secret that Nintendo is not doing well, so the company is trying a different approach to raise their flagship character’s exposure… by releasing Super Mario Happy Meal toys into McDonalds across the United Kingdom.

The most recent Mario title, Super Mario 3D World, performed exceptionally poorly in the UK, and this promotion is almost certainly an attempt to expand awareness of the Red Italian Plumber into the market.

If you’re interested in checking out what’s being offered in the UK, read on!

happymeal-super-mario-finland-mcdonalds super_mario_happy_meals

happymeal-super-mario-finland-mcdonalds Mario-3 Mario-4

The last few pics are from a similar promotion that was run in Japanese McDonalds sometime last year. If you notice, a few of the models are being reissued in the UK market.

I remember the last time McDonalds and Nintendo teamed up for some Happy Meal goodness. In fact, I’m pretty sure I still have the flipping Goomba somewhere in storage. For those who don’t quite remember, here’s the old TV ad:

Here’s hoping these toys will make it across the pond sometime in the near future.

Via Nintendo Life/Happy Meal Toys Affair

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