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Galaxy of Pen and Paper (PC) [Review]

Galaxy of Pen and Paper takes the formula of the previous two Knights of Pen and Paper games and goes where no man has gone before– space! Or to be specific, sci-fi parody space!

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Chroma Squad (PC) [REVIEW]

chroma-squad-coverEver wish you could run your own TV studio that exclusively produced its own Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-esque super sentai television show? Do you wish that the act of shooting said television show was a turn based strategy challenge not unlike X-COM or Fire Emblem? Well, you have a really specific set of wishes, but also some incredibly good luck, because Behold Studios have created exactly that with their newest game, Chroma Squad. So is it a real morphinomical experience, or should be banished for 10,000 years in a dumpster on the moon? Well, let’s do some sick karate flips (KYA!!!) over the jump and I’ll tell you all about it.

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CHROMA SQUAD’S Launch Trailer Is A Sing-Along Live Action Craziness!


Brasilia, Brazil – April 23th, 2015 – Chroma Squad, the newest game from the IGF winner Behold Studios, will officially arrive on April 30th, and as a preview for the game there is an exciting new trailer!

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