Photo Gallery: The Cosplay (And More) of Indy PopCon 2017

Well, it’s another year, and once again Sam from Nerd Overload made the trek to Indianapolis, Indiana to experience Indy PopCon 2017! Entering its fourth year, PopCon is a celebration of all aspects of pop culture, featuring comics, gaming, sci-fi, anime, internet culture, movies and television, music AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! From great guests and panels, to excellent artists and a wide variety of vendors, this year’s PopCon was the best yet! And of course, wherever awesome fandom is found, a multitude of amazing cosplay is sure to follow!

Hit the link to check out what IndyPopCon 2017 had to offer!

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Photo Gallery: The Cosplay (And More) of Indy PopCon 2016


Last weekend, I, Nerd Overload’s resident Editor and self-described “Web Wizard” (or Webizard, if you will) Sam, made the trek out to Indianapolis, IN to attend a celebration of geek and pop culture, otherwise known as Indy PopCon 2016! Celebrating it’s third year, Indy PopCon is a host to a plethora of celebrities from all walks of life, from actors and musicians to YouTubers and podcasters, and of course, multitudes of fans in amazing cosplay!

Hit the link to check out what IndyPopCon 2016 had to offer!

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Ohayocon 2014 Cosplay Extravaganza!


The majority of the Nerd Overload crew managed to brave the icy, frozen Ohio tundra on Sunday (unfortunately only Sunday thanks to the aforementioned snow nightmare) to experience the excitement, the nerdery, and most importantly the cosplay of Ohayocon 2014! Don’t worry though we didn’t come back empty handed though, we brought you a whole gallery of shots from our day at the con, courtesy of Nerd Overload’s ace photographer, Samantha Cross!

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