Photo Gallery: The Cosplay (And More) of Indy PopCon 2017

Well, it’s another year, and once again Sam from Nerd Overload made the trek to Indianapolis, Indiana to experience Indy PopCon 2017! Entering its fourth year, PopCon is a celebration of all aspects of pop culture, featuring comics, gaming, sci-fi, anime, internet culture, movies and television, music AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! From great guests and panels, to excellent artists and a wide variety of vendors, this year’s PopCon was the best yet! And of course, wherever awesome fandom is found, a multitude of amazing cosplay is sure to follow!

Hit the link to check out what IndyPopCon 2017 had to offer!

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Photo Gallery: The Cosplay (And More) of Indy PopCon 2016


Last weekend, I, Nerd Overload’s resident Editor and self-described “Web Wizard” (or Webizard, if you will) Sam, made the trek out to Indianapolis, IN to attend a celebration of geek and pop culture, otherwise known as Indy PopCon 2016! Celebrating it’s third year, Indy PopCon is a host to a plethora of celebrities from all walks of life, from actors and musicians to YouTubers and podcasters, and of course, multitudes of fans in amazing cosplay!

Hit the link to check out what IndyPopCon 2016 had to offer!

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Photo Gallery: The Cosplay (And More) of #WizardWorld Columbus 2015


Once again, Nerd Overload in one way or another made it to Wizard World Columbus where we took in all the sights, sounds, and unfortunately the smells that Wizard World had to offer! While the bounty of wonderful cosplay pictures isn’t quite as large as it has been in the past (thanks to colds and less of our staff members actually going), we’ve still got some fantastic cosplay from some fantastic cosplayers to show you thanks to the hard work of Sam and a new contributor Lori (who may or may not be Cody’s mom). Anyways, hit the jump to see all the awesome costumes! Great work, guys!

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Indiana Comic Con Cosplay Gallery!

indianaSaturday I had the pleasure of making a quick (3 hour) road trip to the fine city of Indianapolis to attend the illustrious Indiana Comic Con! The con itself was fantastic, the layout was well set up and easy to get around in (even though it was packed!), the dealers in the dealers room were varied and cater to many a nerd’s tastes, and the celebrity guests were top notch (Jenna Coleman! Carrie Fisher! Jason Momoa!), but as always with comic cons, the cosplay is practically the star of the show. That’s why I’ve brought you a gallery of some of the best stuff I saw there!

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Photo Gallery: The Cosplay (And More) of #WizardWorld Cleveland 2015


Hey folks! Your favorite team of intrepid nerd reporters (the Nerd Overload staff, naturally) just got back from the annual Wizard World Comic Con in Cleveland Ohio! As you might expect, there was tons of great cosplay and NO staff members Sam and Samantha had their respective cameras at the ready to capture it all, just for you! All you have to do is hit the jump and get ready to take in all the Wizard World Cleveland goodness!

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Photo Gallery: The Cosplay (And More) of Ohayocon 2015


Last weekend was the 14th annual Ohayiocon Anime Convention, and you know what that means… TONS OF COSPLAY PICS! While none of our regular Nerd Overload staffers were able to attend the con this year (darn you, real-world jobs!), super-awesome readers Josh, Kelcee, and Justin totally bailed us out by getting a pile of photos, and I gotta say, there are some really good ones in this collection.

Well what are you waiting for? Take the jump to check them out!

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Photo Gallery: The Cosplay (And More) of #WizardWorld Ohio 2014, Part 3


So here it is everyone, the final roundup of awesome cosplay from this year’s Wizard World Ohio Comic Con! Gonna make this short and sweet (cause I’m crazy exhausted and, let’s face it, you’re not here to read this), but I just wanted to say what an absolute blast this year’s con has been! Over the course of the three days (or four, if you want to count the pre-party) I saw cool stuff, met some super rad people, and, most importantly, just flat-out had a good time.

Unfortunately, all good things have to end eventually, though, but hey… there’s always next year, right?

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