CONSTANTINE To Leave The Chain Smoking Behind In New NBC Series


So far, early info on NBC‘s newest supernatural horror series Constantine have been incredibly promising. The tone seems right, the actor looks the part for sure, and the trailer made it seem like we’re in for a faithful adaptation of the popular Hellbazer series form DC Comic’s Vertigo line. Well, almost faithful adaptation, because according to director Neil Marshall, the grizzly magician will be leaving his pack of smokes at home for the new series.

During a press interview for his newest movie, Mad Max: Fury Road, Marshall shed some light on Constantine’s televised nicotine fix. Here’s the pertinent part of the interview:

Collider: Can John Constantine smoke on TV?

MARSHALL: No we’re not. It’s the one thing, a compromise I guess. On network it’s the one thing you can’t smoke on network. That’s one of his character traits. We’re working around that. We’re trying to get aspects of it in there as much as possible. We’ll see.

Collider: Does he still have cancer of some type, can you say?

MARSHALL: I have no idea where the story is going to go beyond the pilot, so I can’t answer that one.

You can check out the whole interview below:

This is a bummer, to be sure, as one of Constantine‘s defining traits is that he’s a gruff, chain-smoking sonofabitch. But don’t think I was surprised by exclusion of his habit one bit. I mean, c’mon, this is network TV we’re talking about, NO ONE’S gonna light one up, no matter what time slot. Hopefully, if this is the worst change we’ll see in the character, I still say Constantine will be a hit.

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